Melbourne-based designer Cheryn Ter established Romantics Studio as an “ever-evolving fashion practice” to create slow fashion pieces that have a distinctive artistic but sexy vibe. 

According to her site, Cheryn wants her work to “playfully subvert societal norms around clothing while creating wearable, yet subtly off-kilter pieces”. This concept can clearly be seen in her seemingly simple silhouettes created from interesting pieced-together fabrics.

Each collection from Romantics Studio riffs on previous ideas, integrating them into her new concepts and the various collaborations the designer is involved in.

Cheryn creates all the designs, does all the pattern cutting, with the production done by either herself or her carefully chosen local maker. All pieces by Romantics Studio are handmade in Melbourne, and since the brand only produces pieces on order, it can take up to five to 10 working days for pieces to be sent out.

Pieces from Romantics Studio are not cheap, and they shouldn’t be since each garment is made by hand. Prices range from AU$170 for a tank top, to around AU$260 for a dress.

Romantics Studio is part of the new movement of emerging designers focusing on creating slow fashion production which is becoming more and more popular. 

Website: Instagram: @romantics_studio  

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