Brand: reigner
Model: Mackenna Elwin
Photography: Imogen Turnbull

DJ’s: Tom Hewitt & Darcy Reithoff
Photography: Imogen Turnbull

Brand: Radical Yes
Photography: Greeshma Balachandran

Brand: reigner
Model: Olly (outwst)
Photography: Imogen Turnbull


Fashion Revival Runway Australia showcases independent Australian fashion designers and businesses. Our organisation is an incorporated association, working as a not for profit. We do not sell or advertise and are completely independent, working voluntarily, connected by our passion, to make a difference to the Australian fashion industry.

Sustainability and costly misconceptions: How commercial retailers can change without sacrificing profit

It is a common misconception amongst consumers that sustainability inevitably equates to a hefty price tag and a surrounding air of unattainability. The realisation in consumers about fast fashion and its negative impacts on the environment is a relatively recent consciousness that is jolting the retail landscape

My first ‘real’ fashion show

On May 6, 2021, I took part in my first ‘real’ fashion event when I walked the runway for Melbourne-based non-profit organisation Revival Runway. Coordinated almost entirely by a volunteer crew of fashion and music students the night showcased 11 of Melbourne’s up and coming independent local fashion brands. 

Get at look behind the scenes at our Runway Revival show

Have a look behind the scenes. On May 6, 2021, the team held a major runway event featuring 11 independent Australian fashion designers at hip Melbourne venue, The Third Day. Here is a look at what went on backstage featuring photographs...

Tour the Nobody Denim factory in Melbourne

Revival Runway recently had the pleasure of taking a tour of the Nobody Denim factory located in Melbourne, with brand founder John Condilis

Sydney-based menswear label Commas wins the 2021 National Designer Award

With a unique take on the world of mens swimwear and leisurewear, Sydney-based brand Commas has been making its mark on the Australian fashion industry.

National Graduate Showcase: The future of Australian fashion

When it comes to the future of Australian fashion, we should look to the recent graduates of Australian fashion schools. While we may not be blessed with a programme like Fashion East, the Melbourne Fashion Festival’s National Graduate...

Behind-the-scenes with photographer Greeshma Balachandran

During the recent shoot for our fashion film ‘Melbourne Story’, we not only had a photographer on set to create the still images needed, we were also graced with the skilled lens of Melbourne-based photographer Greeshma Balachandran.

Monochromatic movement with Melbourne label Alpha60

By Christopher Young A moment of magic - morphing both movement and greyscale aesthetics with the map of Melbourne. Melbourne owned brand ALPHA60’s incredible fashion input surrounding monochromatic greyscale fashion within the city in...

Backyard Beach: An editorial fashion shoot with a sustainable theme

By Sinead Walsh When I first joined the Revival Runway team to organise an editorial fashion shoot, we threw around a range of ideas, including a beach theme and wanting to work with sustainable fashion brands. This seemed like the...

Lenny Ivers: Creating handbags for empowered women

By Keely Deighton Lenny Ivers is a Melbourne based luxury handbag brand driven by sustainability and created to “empower women”. From Margaret Thatcher's and the Queen's top-handled bags to the latest celebrity 'it' bag, handbags have...




Created by a group of friends in 2015, Homie – which stands for Homelessness of Melbourne – is more than just a fashion brand. Homie is an incorporated enterprise set up to work with young people at risk



Melbourne-based designer Cheryn Ter established Romantics Studio as an “ever-evolving fashion practice” to create slow fashion pieces that have a...



Melbourne brand Permanent Vacation is less a traditional fashion house and more an exercise in creating a new way of creating and buying clothing. 


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