Melbourne fashion brand Oscar Keene is a multi-disciplinary fashion practice that combines digital and physical prototyping to create visually engaging and conceptually immersive collections.

“As a queer person, fashion has always been an important and sometimes [a] divisive and polarising mode of self-expression for me,” explains Oscar. “[So] I love exploring concepts, world-building and creating visual narratives.”

Melbourne fashion designer Oscar Deane digital and physical collection BLURB 1

Image: Oscar Keene

Oscar studied fashion at RMIT in Melbourne, graduating from the associate degree and Bachelors Honours programmes in Fashion. He has also interned with top Melbourne brands Kloke and Edgeley.

Designer Oscar Keene created his eponymous label in 2021 after noticing a gap in the market for a fashion label that could work both online and offline, expanding the concept of what fashion is all about. 

This brand is perfectly positioned for the sustainable, non-gendered and body positive markets since everything that Oscar creates can be made to measure.

“The digital space aligns seamlessly with pre-existing fashion practices. Concept design, patternmaking and prototyping can be accurately recreated virtually,” explains Oscar. 

“There is no waste involved in these phases of production, and due to the accuracy of the simulations, the waste involved in creating the final physical garments is reduced. Digital outfits can be altered and made-to-measure digitally, and the rendered outcomes accurately convey the final appearance.

“I prototype [designs] digitally which means that before committing to a physical prototype I can accommodate and visually depict all body types and all gender expressions on digital avatars for potential clients.”

Website: www.oscarkeene.com | Instagram: @oscar.keene.designs

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