Melbourne brand Permanent Vacation is less a traditional fashion house and more an exercise in creating a new way of creating and buying clothing. 

Described as an “an ongoing Project series exploring design as an expression of sentiment”, Permanent Vacation is focused on creating a limited number of garments that are high quality, wearable and considered with a sense of timeless appeal. The items are easy to adapt to any number of occasions with the desire that they stay in your wardrobe for a very long time.

“Each Project is carefully curated to encompass diverse tastes in style, and our colour palettes are thoughtfully edited for each new Project,” states the brand on its website. 

Rather than creating collections in the traditional format, Permanent Vacation pieces come in a series of capsules, or “Projects”. Each piece is produced on demand in Melbourne, Australia, within a 15km radius of the brand’s studio. The various pieces are ‘stocked’ until sold out. 

The slick, hip vibe of the brand comes from its use of sumptuous fabrics like silk, and vaguely 60s shapes mixed with early 90s slip-dress silhouettes in fresh colours. Prices are in the contemporary range, with a silk singlet costing AU$180, and dresses going up to around AU$300. 

Website: Instagram: @permanent.vacation

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