Created by a group of friends in 2015, Homie – which stands for Homelessness of Melbourne – is more than just a fashion brand. Homie is an incorporated enterprise set up to work with young people at risk. 

All the profits of the brand are used to help young people affected by homelessness via a number of programmes that work to teach skills, improve their confidence and help them get ready for work.

Launched with just a Facebook page, the brand has gone through a number of iterations including a pop-up shop at Melbourne Central that sold a simple monogram t-shirt. From there Homie moved to its flagship store in Fitzroy.

The brand’s store supports its two main programmes – its VIP Shopping Days and its Homie Pathway Alliance Programme. It also acts as a retail store for the brand’s products including its icon logo tees, hats, bags and hoodies. 

As well as being a community focused brand, Homie is also involved in creating sustainable fashion options with its Reborn by Homie collection that’s a unique mix of recycled streetwear pieces upcycled into one-off tops, tracksuit pants, hoodies and jeans.

The Homie style is definitely part of the recent hip-hop inspired streetwear scene with an emphasis on bold colours, oversized fits, gothic fonts and the use of sportswear logos. The cuts are classic and simple, making this an easily non-gendered brand.

Prices are really reasonable – only $40 for logo caps and $55 for the classic tees, the upcycled Reborn line ranges from $80 to around $220, which is amazing considering each piece is handmade and unique. 

The brand states on its website that it is: “an organisation that supports young people affected by homelessness or hardship to equip them with skills, confidence and experiences to be more work-ready and better prepared for their future.” A great thing to support.

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