Inclusive swimwear brand Infamous Swim launches new collection for adults and kids

Re-launched in 2018, Australian swimwear brand Infamous Swim is all about being inclusive – not just for all body sizes – but also for mums and their kids. 

Spreading Body Positivity

“We love spreading body positivity, which is such a powerful movement at the moment. We want people to feel comfortable in their skin,” explains Infamous Swim founder Gemma Crowe.

“When I was a kid, my mum would never be in photos. She would never get in the pool with us. She would never get into swimwear. And now she’s just so proud of the movement and the way the brand has embraced it. 

“At the age of nearly 70 she’s absolutely loving the skin that she’s in. I feel like we have such a role to play being a swimwear brand to make sure that people want to get out there and swim and spend time with their kids.”

Mummy and Me

Infamous Swim is probably best known for being the swimwear brand that popularised the mummy-and-and-me trend. 

“Gone are the days where mums were limited to rash shirts and boardies,” says Gemma. “Today mums can feel empowered in their swimwear and express their individuality through fashion. I’m proud to be able to offer even more options for families to take part in the coordinated outfit craze as they settle into holiday mode this summer.”

While Gemma is ecstatic about the growth of her brand, particularly the social media explosion that happened after she launched Mini Swim, it isn’t always easy.

“Product forecasting is a constant cycle and we can come into issues if we don’t do it right. Due to having to strike a constant balance: If you don’t order enough you’re going to be out of stock and you’re going to miss out on sales but if you order too much then your cash flow is just ruined after that,” Gemma says.

“Infamous Swim currently stock 10,500 SKU lines and the lines are ever-expanding. Product forecasting and cash flow are two ongoing concerns that keep me up at night.”

Sustainable Swimwear

Gemma is also focused on ensuring her brand becomes as sustainable as possible:  “[Sustainability] is definitely the way the fashion industry needs to go, we are on a plan [to be more sustainable by 2026] within our company by making small changes in each step we take. Swimwear can be repurposed for a magnitude of items also within Australia, plus many new eco and recycled fabrics are becoming readily available for brands to use in manufacturing.”

For Australia’s Spring Summer 2022 collection the brand has focused on “nostalgia with a twist”. Refreshed versions of retro prints like the impala print, leopard, stripes and gingham checks in new colourways including berry, melon, candy marble and ice-cream sundae look great on both grown ups and kids. 

Artist Collaboration

Infamous Swim will also be collaborating with Kasey Rainbow, an Australian artist known for her use of brilliant colours with retro prints, like the neon leopard print she’s done for the brand. “Kasey’s happiness-infused designs are full of cheerful splashes of pink, purple and turquoise to accompany bright and cheerful little ones and grown ups alike on their holidays by the sea.”

Infamous Swim offers sizes 6-20 for adults and kids sizes are from 1-12 years. The brand also offers a cool Leisurewear concept where you can create your own bespoke sweats; as well as a huge range of accessories like hats, scrunchies, robes, sarongs, drink bottles and even sunscreens.

“The rapid expansion of Infamous Swim and the transition towards becoming a mummy-and-me fashion label; also having the team almost double in the past 12 months as Infamous pursues its US expansion plans,” makes Gemma very excited about the future.

To shop Infamous Swim and Mini Swim, go to You can follow the brand on Instagram at @infamous_swim.

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