DJ LeeLee loves how her music makes people feel 

At the REVIVAL II event in June, 2022, we were lucky enough to be able to call on the talents of underground amateur DJ LeeLee. Better known by her regular name Lee-Ann O’Brien, this DJ only picked up her skills on the decks recently after a lifetime of being a professional business woman and mother. But you would never know.

“I started djing in 2020 when the first lockdown hit. My children – and husband – bought me some decks for my birthday/mother’s day in May 2020, and that was it for me,” explains Lee-Ann. 

“I was instantly hooked! I have a nephew who is a DJ and he gave me a one-off crash course, and from there … and with the help of YouTube I have continued to teach myself.”

Lee-Ann says what she loves most about being a DJ is “how music makes people feel”. “When you make that connection through a track you play, and see their reaction …. That’s what it’s all about for me.”

Being on the decks with a pumping crowd makes Lee-Ann feel great: “I feel so good, like all my senses are alive! There is a certain energy a pumping dance floor brings.”

Laughing, Lee-Ann also points out that as an amateur, “I have really only played to the trees in my backyard, a few social gatherings at home, and a ‘day party’ at my daughter’s house.” 

“The Revival Runway event was a whole new experience for me. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to play at such an amazing event,” she says.

Melbourne DJ LeeLee at Revival Runway 1

DJ LeeLee playing at REVIVAL II. Image: James Taylor

Lee-Ann put together the runway tracks for the REVIVAL II event, as well as played a full set for the after party which had the crowd bopping for a couple of hours. Lee-Ann chose some cool remixed 80s tracks for the runway, and some happy house for the dancing.

“I watch a lot of current DJ’s perform online to help me keep up with the current doof doof! But I also think I have a very broad knowledge of music and know how to cater for a wide range of people,” says Lee-Ann. 

“You also need to get a feel or vibe and I can get that from reading people, and seeing what moves them. My favourite genre of music will always be Disco but I do love House music too.”

Every DJ dreams of playing a major gig like Coachella – Lee-Ann agrees with a laugh, she says she doesn’t really know what the future is for her DJ career; but that doesn’t really matter.

“All I know is that life is too short to sit and wonder about the ‘what if’s’ so I will continue my Friday nights with a glass or two of bubbles playing on my decks, pushing my hand in the air when the beat drops and dancing because literally there is no one watching!”

You can follow DJ LeeLee on her Instagram account at @leeann.obrien_

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