Create a self-care spa in your bathroom with Australian brand Epzen

With life just seeming to speed up every day, sometimes we need to take a bit of time out for a bit of self-care. Australian brand Epzen aims to make doing that as easy as stepping into your bathroom, as the brand says it will help you to “let go of the stress of everyday life without letting go of your glass of wine”.


Epzen started out in Byron Bay as a magnesium bath salts range using Epsom salts combined with natural aromatherapy blends. Post-Covid, the brand launched a rebranding to ramp up the range of products while holding on to the things that made Epzen great. For example, those blends remain and ensure that every single Epzen product smells absolutely amazing. 

“Epzen’s core principles have remained the same; Australian made, vegan, cruelty free and naturally good-for-you formulations,” explains Jessica Armstrong, Senior Brand Manager. “However, the brand has received a serious glow-up with brand new packaging design and personality to boot. Consumers want to connect with the brand’s relatable tone and cheeky personality which pokes fun at the nonsensical world of wellness.

“During Covid, we spent a lot of time at home and self-care became a key focus as well as DIY spa experiences. Epzen saw a need to level-up these bathing experiences and create bathroom products that were also appealing on the eye, making them shelfie worthy. 

“We also felt that everyone was getting wellness guilt and fatigue from being asked to keep up with the latest wellness trends. Epzen is a fresh take on wellness, not asking you to do more or be better. 

“Epzen suggests giving the middle finger to all of it and just do you. Out of the refresh this year Epzen has become the queen of all things bathroom expanding the range to aromatic natural body washes, a natural adult bubble bath [which is also gentle enough for little people], natural exfoliating body scrub and an innovative in-shower moisturiser.”

Australian self care brand Epzen skincare

The Epzen Unwind Shower Balm, the innovative in-shower moisturiser Jessica mentioned, is an amazing product. After washing – using either the Epzen Calm Cleanse moisturising body wash, or the Awaken Cleanse invigorating body wash – you just slather on the balm, massage it in, and then simply wash it off. It really works, and cuts out another self-care step for busy, stressed people. 


As with just about all skincare, fashion and self-care products these days, Epzen has a strong focus on promoting sustainable principles and ethical consumerism. “At Epzen, we want to do better. Because small daily actions can shape the future of our planet,” says Jessica.

“Proudly, Epzen is certified 100% Low CO2 by the Carbon Reduction Institute by offsetting 100% of our operational emissions. To achieve this certification, we offset every tonne of carbon emitted through our operations by purchasing carbon credits. These credits fund global wind and solar projects to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions and harmful air pollutants.

Australian self care brand Epzen skincare

“We believe in taking responsibility for our waste. We go the extra mile to ensure our products, cartons, shipping boxes and marketing materials are recyclable wherever possible. As members of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO), we’ll continue to uncover how we can minimise our environmental footprint wherever possible,” Jessica says.

Alongside these actions, Epzen also donates $1 from every online sale to three charities chosen by the consumer via i=change

“We are a work in progress, always, and we regularly reflect on how to better care for the planet and our community,” says Jessica proudly.

 Epzen is available at, Coles and Priceline. Follow the brand on Instagram at @epzen_australia.

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