New Melbourne brand Samay Collection offers minimalism with unique details

When the pandemic arrived, Ayse Uyanik decided to embrace her long held dream and finally launch a fashion brand, Samay Collections. 

“As a child it was always my dream to be a fashion designer. I believe fashion is a form of expression allowing individuals to portray their imagination into style. Also I believe fashion has the power to make individuals happy,” says Ayse.

The brand has been named after a combination of Ayse’s and her husband’s name. “I wanted the brand name to be a mashup of both our names as he has provided me endless support during this process by giving me the push to take control and follow my childhood dream,” she explains.

Ayse established the brand in November, 2021, and the first collection launched in July, the following year.

“During the pandemic I had the opportunity to transform my dreams into reality. I launched the brand to break the stigma assigned to modest clothing options,” Ayse says.

“Within the fashion industry there are some negative stereotypical thoughts about modest clothing and we aim to break this stigma by bringing a variety of styles and designs together. With each collection we aim to include a variety of styles including modest options.”

One of the core reasons Ayse decided on creating her own brand was to create items she couldn’t find for her own wardrobe. 

 “I am inspired by a variety of designers and to be honest I get my inspiration from everything around me but the main inspiration behind my designs are creating pieces that I personally look for in the industry,” she says.

“The main concept behind Samay Collection is minimalism and creating timeless statement pieces that feel right for each individual while creating happiness. I would describe the aesthetic of Samay Collection as a combination of femininity, elegance and sophistication. 

 In order to create more sustainability, Ayse says the brand focuses on producing “unique pieces that are ethically sourced”. 

Garments are designed in Melbourne and then produced in Istanbul from carefully sourced quality fabric producers and made in an ethically managed and run factory. Ayse worked in Istanbul for more than five years before returning to Australia and while there, made strong contacts with some of the best fashion producers in the world.

Samay Collection designs are distinctly minimalist but with the addition of clever detailing that elevates the pieces from run-of-the-mill ‘basics’. The brand “aims to be at the  forefront of designer fashion with their unique designs and combinations of styles” says Ayse. 

“Each collection captures modern elegance with a twist. Designed in Australia and using the finest sources from Istanbul, Samay Collection provides bold, sophisticated pieces to share with the world.

“We are [also] incorporating sustainable materials in our designs and are implementing environmentally sustainable solutions when possible.

“At Samay Collection we value all individuals and believe in equal opportunity. We believe each individual has the right to fair and safe working environments therefore each [organisation] within our supply chain is carefully selected.”

As a new fashion brand, Ayse aims to increase awareness about Samay Collection by “maintaining high quality and aesthetic pieces”. 

“The aim is to continue the same excitement I have had with all my designs and collections.”

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