Backyard Beach: An editorial fashion shoot with a sustainable theme

By Sinead Walsh

When I first joined the Revival Runway team to organise an editorial fashion shoot, we threw around a range of ideas, including a beach theme and wanting to work with sustainable fashion brands. This seemed like the perfect concept to go with, since we are heading into summer and out of lockdown. 

It was also a great opportunity to promote some small Australian fashion businesses after such a tough year. After settling on the beach theme, we had to find the appropriate brands that supported our vision. Brands that were into second hand, sustainability, and of course, on trend! I  took lots of inspiration from Pinterest, and wanted to aim for a minimal, light, linen vibe.  

We discussed as a team using preloved, upcycled items for the photoshoot. Wearing and buying  preloved items supports the idea of a circular economy. A circular economy is one where no  garments ever go into landfill. All clothes that can’t be used anymore are remade into something  brand new, for someone else to love. As we battle with climate change, it is so important that we  realise the impact that the fashion industry makes on the planet. This is an easy resolution!  

As we know, Revival Runway strives to support and promote Australian businesses and  designers. With this in mind, I wanted to reach out to small businesses who could help us achieve our concept of a beach theme, whilst also staying sustainable. 


First I contacted a small independent Melbourne business called Donate Drobe. The brand’s goal is to sell recycled and donated items, with all proceeds going to charity. Donate Drobe strives to educate, and make a difference for many charities whilst also not harming the planet.

They source items from op shops, or they can be donated by followers. These items are then put up for auction on their Instagram account, where followers can bid to win the items. Each month, the charity for donation changes, so that multiple charities can be recognised and helped. 


For the swimwear, I discovered Solkini Swim which is run by a small business owner from Melbourne,  who makes all of the bikinis by hand. Having a product that is made to order ensures that no items are being overproduced, and therefore no items are being sent to waste if they are not sold.

This is a great way to slow down fashion which has become such a fast paced industry, and ensure that all pieces are going to a person who will love them. Solkini Swim’s latest collection, ‘Flora’ was a sweet and fresh vibe that fit perfectly with our editorial fashion concept.  

Ultimately, being able to plan this editorial fashion shoot was a dream. Especially after this year! Having the opportunity to support small independent fashion businesses, and have a great time whilst doing so was exactly what I needed after such a hard year.  

Solkini Swim
Instagram: @solkiniswim

Donate Drobe
Instagram: @donatedrobe

Model: Sinead Walsh
Photographer: Imogen Turnbull
Stylists: Olivia Brenchley & Alexia Davies
With thanks to Olivia Brenchly for use of her fabulous home for the location.

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