Reigner is a Melbourne-based fashion label that focuses on durable and multifunctional workwear. According to founder and designer James Noble, the brand was created to “see the day through from your morning commute, movement in the office, on your feet at job locations, gripping pints at the pub and getting to know yourself in the outdoors”. 

The brand has been designed to be non-gendered, and able to easily slot into any number of occasions and clothing requirements. James started the brand in 2016, but it finally launched in 2020.

“I was working in film production at the time and I hated dressing corporate and found it difficult to find a balance between what I’d wear on the weekends and what I’d wear to work,” James explains. “I wanted to create fashionable office wear with the comfort of a street or outdoor style.”

Living in Bali close to a bee farm at the time, James began with waxed fabric trench coats: “I’d use beeswax, melt it down and mix it with linseed oil to create my own wax cotton coats.”

James wanted to move back to Melbourne, so he packed up and returned home. Realising that he wanted to be able to oversee the whole project, production was also moved to Australia. 

“I use as much Australian fabric as I can and make all the ready-to-wear in Melbourne – that’s about 90% – and only my custom suits with my team in Bali,” explains James.

“My main goal is to make the best and most sustainable product I possibly can at a reasonable price. My end goal is to open up a shop where I can conduct suit fittings, sell ready made items and have a place where my customers and friends can hang out.”

Reigner products are made of 90% Australian cotton, with small mixes of other materials like viscose. James says that he wants to ensure that all the “unnatural fibres are recycled and that all my Australian cottons are sustainably farmed”. 

“It’s important for me to know where my fabrics are coming from, how they are farmed and how good the quality is.”

The Reigner vibe is a cool mix of 80s Aussie shapes like bowling shirts, denim jackets and pleated shorts redone in a mix of interesting fabrics including pink corduroy and cotton moleskin. Prices range from around AU$100 for shorts and fleece pants, up to AU$300 for an oilskin jacket. 

Website:  Instagram: @reignerclothing

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