Orocéo Castro is a Melbourne-based clothing brand founded by siblings, Paolo and Ginny Castro in August 2015. Hailing from the Philippines, Paolo and Ginny naturally have an innate sense of exuberance. Living in Perth has instilled a sense of chic nonchalance in them and since calling Melbourne home since 2011 they have developed a knack for pushing artistic boundaries. 



Paolo and Ginny are passionate about travelling, classic literature and visuals and therefore a lot of their inspiration comes from these subjects. The brand has an aesthetic that can be described as a mixture of feminine, modern preppy, uptown chic and polished. It has a strong focus on separates and the exploration of different silhouettes. 



The Orocéo Castro woman likes to stand out gracefully from the crowd. She is unabashedly feminine and conducts herself with style in whatever she does.



Website: oroceocastro.com | Instagram: @oroceo_castro

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