Melbourne Story: Supporting Melbourne fashion brands during Covid19

What started as a real-life fashion show, Revival Runway, has turned into a fashion film entitled Melbourne Story, in a bid to support local fashion brands. 

The concept of Revival Runway was conceived by founder Sofie Carfi who was frustrated at witnessing global fast fashion eating away at the once vibrant creative Australian fashion industry. Being passionate about fashion and a supporter of local industry the idea was born to provide a platform to celebrate small independent labels. 

“With the Covid-19 restrictions in Melbourne, and the effect this had on small business, there was a greater need to do something to support the local fashion industry. With the help of many young creatives who volunteered their time and talent we created a film showcasing various small, independent Melbourne fashion and accessories brands,” explains Sofie Carfi, the founder of Revival Runway. 

The fashion film entitled ‘Melbourne Story’, was shot on location at Melbourne event venue The Third Day. The venue’s unique mix of indoor-outdoor space highlights the juxtaposition between the location’s industrial style and the softness of the garments. Individual sets were built to create a story that celebrates the diversity that is both Melbourne the city, and the various featured, locally made, fashion brands.

“We were astounded at the amazing amount of young talent we found to work with on the Melbourne Style fashion film. Many of them are still students, however they work like professionals and produce professional products. I can’t wait to see how they develop in the future, and would absolutely work with them all again,” says Niki Bruce, the Creative Director of Revival Runway.

Revival Runway will continue to support independent fashion brands and young fashion creatives in 2021, with a number of fashion related events and creative projects in the pipeline. “The aim is to continue to offer opportunities for the independent and emerging members of the Melbourne and Australian fashion industries,” says Sofie. “Onwards and upwards”. 

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Anna Cordell
Remuse Designs
Rice Paper The Label
Basalt Jewellery Designs
Lenny Ivers
Radical Yes

Founder: Sofie Carfi
Creative Director: Niki Bruce
Producer: Gemma Carfi
Director: Camille Chapman
Creative Director: Claudia Piggott
Stylists: Olivia Brenchley, Alex Katris, Chloe Crouch
Social Media/Marketing: Lexie Davis, Imogen Turnbull
Photographers: Imogen Turnbull, Greeshma Baalachandran
Director of Photography: Ollie Manton
Assistant Camera: Jack Fingland

Esther Myles
Jenny Meredith
Claudia Piggott
Aayushi Badhwar
Alex Katris
Ronan Mummery

The Third Day, 290 Macaulay Rd, North Melbourne VIC 3051