Bais was the idea of fashion stylist Sylvia Bogdanowski, when she noticed a recurring theme with her styling clients – closets full of clothes and with apparently ‘nothing to wear’. She felt that her clients were missing the essential building blocks of a wardrobe and therefore each piece was just that, a separate piece, rather than an outfit.



Bais focuses on a ‘slow but luxe fashion’ philosophy, as well as being the foundation of a woman’s wardrobe. Bais pieces are designed to fill those gaps and be the foundation of your wardrobe, with a stylish edge. Every garment is effortless, not weighed down by trends and can be dressed up or down, making your wardrobe work even harder for you. Each piece is rendered from the highest quality, mostly natural, fabrics and created under ethical conditions in Perth, Western Australia.



“We are not a fast fashion label, nor do we follow trends,” says Sylvia. “There are no ‘seasons’ at Bais. Each design is carefully created and constructed with intention and longevity in mind. Our pieces are timeless, with a wash and wear philosophy. Take care of them and they will serve you season after season.



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