Synergie Skin offers a ‘clean science’ formula for more beautiful skin

Synergie Skin is an Australian skincare brand that is focused on combining the best of scientific research with quality natural ingredients to create products that not only work, but also do not damage our environment. As founder Terri Vinson says, Synergie Skin is about creating products from “clean science”.

Terri is a cosmetic chemist who founded Synergie Skin in 2015, after a varied career – teacher to cosmeceutical formulator – that always focused on the science.

“I am a cosmetic chemist and the founder of Australian made and owned global skincare company, Synergie Skin. I am also a published author of my book Skinformation: A Clean Science Guide to Beautiful Skin, dedicated to skincare education and debunking beauty industry myths,” explains Terri. 


Education is an important part of what Terri does at Synergie Skin; teaching has obviously remained a central tenet in her life.

“Educating our Synergie Skin professionals and our customers on ingredients and skin concerns as well as educating my team on new technologies and ingredients is fundamental to me. I believe there needs to be more transparency and consumer education in our beauty industry,” she says. 

“I began my career as a senior science teacher in my twenties, inspired by the idea of inspiring and educating. I later transitioned to a role as an educator and formulator for a cosmeceutical company, but I saw that the skincare industry was missing three key components: transparency, empowering the customer with a scientific understanding of their products, and formulations that were backed by evidence. 

“It wasn’t until my early forties that I took a risk and started my own skincare business in Melbourne where I began formulating skincare and performing skincare consultations. This was the best R&D a cosmetic chemist could have! 

“During the GFC in 2008, clients could no longer afford clinical treatments, but my skincare sales grew. This was my lightbulb moment when I turned solely to my true passion of formulating skincare. In 2015 I launched Synergie Skin and little did I know that this small boutique business would later become a global cosmeceutical skincare brand!”

Terri says that the brand’s name is based on her personal philosophy: “The name Synergie is really important to me. It encapsulates my philosophy that all elements of science must work in harmony.

“Your skincare products must work in synergy with your skin and the ingredients should work in synergy within the product itself. Formulating skincare isn’t just about throwing a bunch of ingredients into a pot and calling it a product. Cosmetic chemistry requires a clear understanding of how those ingredients work together in synergy to get the best results,” says Terri.

According to Terri, her main inspiration comes from her customers and the skin specialists who work with her products, using them on their clients.

“I believe that we all have a calling in life. Helping others find their inner confidence through having healthy skin is mine. This truly inspires me to grow and enhance my Synergie range … It is so much more than just skincare − it’s helping people feel truly great in their skin.”

Synergie Skin has a broad range of products that are suited to all types of skin concerns, including but not limited to ageing, acne, dry skin, hyperpigmentation, melasma, oily skin and rosacea. The brand also offers mineral makeup products that include additional active ingredients to work on skin issues – particularly dryness – including foundations, concealers, contouring products, eye products, lip products and fabulous makeup brushes.


Her science background is at the core of what Terri believes Synergie Skin should be about: “At the heart of Synergie Skin is my trademarked ‘Clean Science’ philosophy. This commitment underpins my mission to combine the best of scientific laboratory ingredients together with naturally derived ingredients. 

“I aim to provide effective, scientifically backed skincare with brand transparency and the highest quality ingredients to improve the longevity, health and appearance of your skin,” explains Terri.

Other central components of Terri’s philosophy for her brand are sustainability, cruelty-free and to support Australian-based production.

“Synergie Skin is certified cruelty-free by the globally recognised Leaping Bunny organisation,” explains Terri, referring to the North American group launched in 1996 with a ‘bunny’ logo composed of eight animal protection groups that formed the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics.

All our products are produced entirely on Australian shores to support local jobs and the economy. In addition to creating clean products for our customers, we also aim to keep our planet clean and protected. 

“We are committed to a sustainable waste management and manufacturing system and are proud to pledge that our Australian facility will be run entirely by solar energy – with Aussie-made solar panels – by 2023,” Terri says.


Synergie Skin has grown remarkably since its launch in 2015, with Terri focused on increasing the brand’s reach in the future.

“I am proud to have come so far from my humble beginnings in my little clinic in Melbourne. Synergie Skin is now a global brand selling in Hong Kong, New Zealand, The Netherlands, and Poland. This year was huge for Synergie as we officially launched in the UK, further expanding our global presence. I look forward to growing our presence even further and taking Synergie Skin to new markets. 

“Of course I am still pursuing my passion by continually improving current formulas and creating new products. More to come in 2023 so watch this space …”

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