Led by independent Melbourne-based designer Em Patton, the Raw Em label is based on design uniqueness and creativity. Having a strong focus on product originality, each garment is delicately handmade with a ‘rough edge and unfinished’ design theme.

Raw Em was launched in mid-2020 and since then has become popular first in Melbourne and then with its expanding global customer base. 

The designer made a conscious decision to ensure that the production of all of the brand’s garments upholds sustainable and ethical practices, as these are some of the key values of Raw Em.

Material wastage is minimised through the use of offcuts and deadstock material, and the ‘made-to-order ’ concept ensures garment wastage is avoided too. These production practices ultimately result in customers receiving items which are really one-of-a- kind.

Raw Em  currently operates with one sole designer/producer which means that each garment is made with the utmost care and love, says the designer.

Instagram: @rawem__

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