Melbourne fashion brand WOVN_Lab gives a regal look to everyday streetwear with tapestry

Melbourne brand WOVN_Lab is an intriguing mix of modern streetwear and an ancient traditional textile, tapestry. Launched by founder and designer Brian Dev in 2023, if you are looking for streetwear that is totally unique this is the brand for you.

After a substantial career in fashion and design, Brian has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry. 

“I have had a long interest in fashion and design. Back in the day I started a streetwear clothing brand and an online magazine focusing on the Asian and Australian scene,” Brian explains.

“I’ve worked in streetwear on and off since [then] and worked with brands to build their online stores but haven’t dived fully back into the game until WOVN_Lab 

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“The name WOVN_Lab comes from the technique used in creating the tapestry material [used for the brand] and to represent the interconnectedness of ideas, aesthetics and communities.”

Brian says that he decided to start the brand as a creative outlet of sorts: “I launched the brand to express ideas and aesthetics in a medium that I found interesting and I hoped would connect with other people too.”


Choosing to use uniquely designed tapestry fabric for the garments is the key to why WOVN_Lab stands out. 

“I have focused on tapestry as it is a material that provides texture and depth for unique creative expression. It is also visually striking giving a regal look to everyday street clothing,” says Brian. 

This innovative choice of fabric is a key part of how Brian [pictured above left] thinks about design and fashion, saying he is inspired by new ideas. 

“Brands that are pushing innovative ideas for material design and upcycling are my biggest inspiration. A lot of emerging designers in this space that I have been following on social media, all doing it without huge brand/studio backing.” 

“Connecting people within subcultures and being unafraid to stick out is the ethos of WOVN_Lab. We want people to feel that lil something extra about themselves when they step out for the day in one of our pieces.

“We are focussed on continual innovation in our designs and materials to make better products for our customers to make that extra feeling more ‘extra’.”


Brian describes the aesthetic of WOVN_Lab as “vivid futurism”, a concept that can be seen in the clever use of iconic Anime and Sports graphics and photographs reimagined in tapestry fabric as the core design feature.

While the silhouettes of WOVN_Lab appear simple, classic streetwear pieces like baggy shorts, drawstring pants, bowling shirts and bomber jackets, the addition of original tapestry print fabrics completely overturns the traditional aesthetic of the clothing style.

Like all responsible fashion brands, Brian aims to make WOVN_Lab as sustainable and ethical as he can.

“We produce as much of the clothing and accessories as possible ourselves in Melbourne given our current knowledge and scaling capabilities. We are trying to bring this all in house as we build the brand further. 

“We want to become known as a brand that produces high quality statement pieces through carefully curated designs and materials.

“We are very proud to be Melbourne based and want to share that with the world.”

You can shop WOVN_Lab every weekend at Fitzroy Markets, online at, and follow the brand at @wovnlab.

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