Discover Camilla’s Secret Garden collection for the Year of the Rabbit

One of Australia’s most popular brands, and one that is definitely known for its bright colours and intricate prints, Camilla has released a special Lunar New Year collection entitled ‘Secret Garden’. 

The zodiac animal for Lunar New Year 2023, is the Water Rabbit, a symbol of peace, longevity and prosperity. To celebrate the new year, and make sure it will be one full of love, good luck and lots of money, it’s traditional to wear red, or other bright colours. Red is believed to scare away bad fortune spirits and ensure the new year is off to a good start. 

Australian fashion brand Camilla Secret Garden collection

Tara Whiteman in the Shaped Waistband Dress With Gathered Sleeves from Camilla’s Secret Garden Lunar New Year collection

The collection encompasses eight different garments featuring a signature floral print in shades of clear red, peach and pastel pink, in Camilla’s signature flowing maxi dresses, a cute mini dress, mini skirt and a beautiful print bomber jacket. There is even a super adorable rabbit embellished t-shirt. 

“Where the mystical and the magical come to life. I hear the song of my inner-voice. With fire in my heart and strength in my soul, I am a master of my destiny. 

“I write my own story, and they will tell the tale of my courage for years to come,” says designer Camilla Frank about the limited edition collection.

Camilla launched her first collection at Australian Fashion Week in 2014, a stunning theatrical event that was described as a “fashion opera’. Since then the brand has become globally beloved and known especially for the limited edition pieces featuring hand-drawn and painted prints created by the in-house team of artists. The garments are sewn and embellished by hand.

According to the brand, “Camilla immerses herself in faraway worlds to inspire each limited-edition collection” based on her great love of travelling.

Which makes it fitting that the person chosen for the campaign for the new collection is well-known influencer @taramilktea. The lovely and talented Tara Whiteman, a Sydney-based creative, features in the Secret Garden campaign shot in a lovely Asian-inspired garden. 

Tara is known for her cool lifestyle content that covers travel and food, as well as fashion, seeking out the “most beautiful and brightest places around the world”.

Camilla’s Secret Garden collection is now available; go to to shop. You can follow the brand on Instagram at @camillawithlove and follow Tara at @taramilktea or check out her blog at

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