Colour, sparkle, sexiness and loads of fashion at the REVIVAL II runway show

On June 2, 2022, we welcomed around 300 Melbourne fashion lovers to the second instalment of our REVIVAL runway show held at The Third Day, in North Melbourne. 

Melbourne fashion runway show Revival II DJ

DJ LeeLee Image: James Taylor

Over ten fashion brands, including two accessories brands for the first time, showed off their latest collections on 22 volunteer models who loved every minute of the event. Their stunning makeup was done by a team of five fabulous artists – Simran Kaur, Indi Fursland, Skyela, Ella Trickey and Tegan Rose – who created statement eye looks that fit with the event concept of underground party vibes with an 80s edge. 

Melbourne fashion runway show Revival II MAKEUP

The makeup team did a fabulous job. Image: Julie Belic


The show opened with 10 looks from emerging brand Comos Bassington, with its sexy mix of modern menswear that looks just as great on girls as it does on guys. With a Peaky Blinders via the 1970s vibe, Comos Bassington opened the show with a bang.

BLINC 1000

Next up was Blinc1000, a brand that is designed by Chloe who is actually still in high school and sitting her final year exams while also working on her new collection. The youthful mix of sexy tops and baggy skirts and pants look good on everyone. 


Oscar Keene was the next designer on the runway showing a fabulous mix of self-designed prints in slinky silks, worn equally well by both the males and female models. The understated elegance was a definite crowd pleaser, with its bold artisanal vibe.


Kicking up the tempo, Joneek was the next on the runway showing off its signature Aussie hip-hop looks – a fabulous mix of golden puffers, comfy short sets and some sexy bodycon dresses. The crowd loved these looks, and loved the designer even more when she walked the runway with her tiny baby in tow.

Melbourne fashion runway show Revival II JONEEK

Models Sam and Brooke in Joneek Image: Bella Loke


The final brand on the runway for the first half of the event was a fabulous collaboration between two of Melbourne’s hottest brands Suk Workwear and Szn. The designer of Szn, Susan, took her creativity to classic Suk pieces, coming up with a super funky, cowboy-inspired collection that featured silver stars, lots of fringe and some enormous cowboy hats. Yeehaw!


After 15 minutes of funky music from DJ LeeLee, our personally chosen music provider for the event, next on the runway was the stunning designs of Sorrentino Studios. The brand’s designer Bel Sorrentino showed off her skills with a mix of sexy bodycon pieces for both guys and girls, and some sharply tailored trousers and silky dresses. This was one of the most popular brands of the night with many in the crowd wearing one of Bel’s signature pieces.


Era97 was next with designer Monique showing her love for the 70s with a series of sexy dresses, two-piece sets and some amazing faux leather pimp coats with fabulous embellished collars. These super sexy pieces caught the attention of the crowd who loved the retro vibe.

Melbourne fashion runway show Revival II ERA97

Ava in Era97. Image: Mike


Graphic slashes of black and white made the Szn collection stand out on the runway with its cleverly non-binary designs shown on guys and girls. The mix of asymmetrical shapes and brilliant placement of monochrome blocking showed off Szn’s distinct style.

Brandon in SZN. Image: Mike


Storming down the runway, the accessories show of two new Melbourne accessories brands – Qlap and Rowland Vision – hyped the crowd with their 90s Matrix vibe of models in all-black-everything outfits. Qlap upcycle old clothes and deadstock fabrics, and showed off their talent in a range of materials for bags, hats and a truly cool balaclava. Rowland Vision is modern and sharp with a hint of 80s throwback style; very Matrix.

Melbourne fashion runway show Revival II ROWLAND VISION

Billy and Lindyn in Roland Vision. Image: Julie Belic


As the penultimate brand, Melbourne bespoke label Pazadz was the perfect choice with its explosion of pink, sequins, glitter tulle and rainbow colours. Every piece was a stunning confection of over-the-top girlishness with a sexy twist featuring glow-in-the-dark triangle bikinis. Pazadz was the perfect brand to finish off the show, the crowd yelled, clapped and whistled as the brilliant pieces sashayed down the runway.


All the designers got a chance to take a bow on the runway, and the fabulous, all volunteer, team of current and former Collarts students also took a bow. DJ LeeLee got down on the decks and the after party kicked off with a funky groove. 

Melbourne fashion runway show Revival II BRIGETTE

The amazing Brigette Giordano wearing Sorrentino Studios. Image: Mike

Melbourne fashion runway show Revival II THE TEAM

The amazing Revival Runway team Maddison Maloney, Imogen Turnbull and Charley Lynch. Image: Mike

A huge thanks to the entire Revival Runway Team – Imogen Turnbull, Charley Lynch, Brigette Giordano, Maddison Maloney, Renee Alexander, Taylah Ward, Omesha Karim and Chloe Crouch – plus the tireless Dressers – Serena Potter, Deanna, Ella Robinson, Madi Walters, Fozia Akalo, Netti, Jason Wan, Sarah Desneves, Emily, Suzan and Mia Ryan. 

Melbourne fashion runway show Revival II DRESSER

Our team of dressers were amazing. Image: Julie Belic

Massive thanks to Refundid for being our very first sponsor ever; enormous thanks to the team at The Third Day; and a very, very heartfelt thank you to everyone who turned up, dressed up and turnt up!

Melbourne fashion runway show Revival II THIRD DAY

The stunning REVIVAL II runway set up at The Third Day. Image: Mike

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