Behind-the-scenes with photographer Greeshma Balachandran

During the recent shoot for our fashion film ‘Melbourne Story’, we not only had a photographer on set to create the still images needed, we were also graced with the skilled lens of Melbourne-based photographer Greeshma Balachandran.

Known for her stylish black and white, candid photographs, Greeshma began shooting at a young age. 

“I started taking pictures when I was about 12 or 13, after a family friend let me use their camera. It was a fun way to catch everyone’s candid moments and that’s when it began,” Greeshma explains.

Her day job as a copy writer and brand researcher sees Greeshma creating in a more linear, structured and commercial format, which is why her photography is much more fluid, offering a sense of contrast to her two creative sides.

“My main aim [when taking a shot] is to probably capture a frame that’s not just aesthetic but reflects how I feel as well,” says Greeshma. “This sounds pretty vague when I read it back but it’s the best way I can describe what I hope to bring to my work.”

For Greeshma, photography is a “great visual medium”. “Light and shadow is the best form of art,” she says.

We tapped Greeshma at the last minute to come on board for our Revival Runway shoot, specifically to shoot the ‘behind-the-scenes’ of the project, to help celebrate all the creative talent that we worked with.

“My aim was to make sure I could capture the dedication of the people on set,” says Greeshma.

For Greeshma street photography, the capturing of candid moments and emotions, is her favourite way to shoot. 

“Street photography is probably the best way I can use the medium. Street photography is a genre that records everyday life in public spaces. It allows me to let a walk with a camera be a quiet meditation and not just ‘taking pictures’.”

If you are interested in knowing what type of equipment Greeshma uses, they are a Nikon d5100 for digital and a Minolta Zoom 80c for analogue photography. You can follow Greeshma on Instagram at @greeshmabalachandran.

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