Melbourne-based brand Yevu has a central aim to create jobs for women in Ghana to help them build up a sustainable income, and to eventually improve the lives of their families and communities. Felicia Adwubi is the co-owner of the Yevu Foundation and also the head of production for Yevu Clothing.

“Over the years, our journey has been marked by many challenges, but our stamina and resilience stems from our powerhouse team of women in Ghana,” the team writes on their website. “These women have always been at the core of what we do and why we do it. Our relationships have been built over years of collective and transparent decision making, shared learning, and mutual goal setting.”

The brand is focused on creating opportunities for the women in Ghana in the “informal sector”, which takes up 80% of Ghana’s economic activity, 70% of which are women. On top of that, the Yevu team says that it is very difficult for women in Ghana to access capital or the ability to save, which means that their ability to invest in their businesses is limited. 

“When it comes to jobs, income, opportunity and choice, women in Ghana are left behind. Which is kind of ironic, considering that women are the ones most likely to spend whatever income they do make on the health and education of their families and immediate communities. They are the ones that will likely spend their first bulk payment on sending their daughter to school.”

The Yevu team says that their purpose is “change the circumstances for a group of women in Ghana that were once amongst the most vulnerable, through creating jobs with dignity, income that is sustainable and fair, and skills that can contribute to long term financial independence”.

While the brand started with solely Australian designs, the team is actually excited that more of the design work is being done in Ghana in conjunction with training and support from the Australian team. 

The Yevu aesthetic is a joyful mix of traditional and modern prints and colours combined with classic cuts, with the focus on the unique patterns for men, women and children. Prices range from AU$200 to AU$280 for dresses and jumpsuits depending on the print; menswear pieces are around AU$120, with kids clothes around AU$50.

Website: Instagram: @yevuclothing

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