Radical Yes is an ethical shoe brand made in Melbourne launched by Kerryn Moscicki in 2013. The brand is known for only making flat shoes, an idea based around Kerryn’s desire for a shoe that would suit modern women’s daily, active lives. 



“When we tell people we only make flat shoes, they often say, ‘That’s good because that’s all I wear’,” says Kerryn.

Radical Yes believes that flat shoes can be as elegant as anything with heels, and make a fashion statement at the same time. The shoes are made by hand in China at a small family-run factory that Kerryn visits regularly and with whom she has an intimate relationship.



The brand’s designs range from dainty sandals to cute ankle boots in a range of both classic and fun colours including shiny gold chrome.


Website: radicalyes.com.au | Instagram: @radicalyes

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