Melbourne fashion brand Tulle Addict blurs the line between costume and streetwear

Melbourne fashion brand Tulle Addict by Madi Cheney is a brand designed to show the world that tulle is more than a frou-frou fabric used for tutus and wedding dresses.

“My main concept is blurring the line between costumes and street fashion when it comes to [the fabric] Tulle, in a subtle, elegant way. Tulle has been hidden away in the costume category but it’s such a versatile fabric that deserves to be worn on a more casual basis,” explains designer and founder of the brand Madi.

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“I have been interested in fashion since I was 8 years old and started sewing. I was able to go to a high school that encourages art and fashion, [and] that helped me get into Bachelor of Fashion Design Honours where I studied at RMIT for 5 years,” explains Madi. 

“I had just come home from America where I visited my dream city, New York City, and decided to leave my 9-5 job and give Tulle Addict a shot for one year, and I have never looked back.”


Madi launched Tulle Addict in April of 2023, grabbing her chance to create her unique mix of elegance and streetwear as real-life garments. Since the brand’s launch, its popularity has been an immediate success with Australian fashion editors, fashionistas, and lovers of big dresses.

“Molly Goddard and Christian Siriano are my all time favourite designers and have inspired me for many many many years. Their practices blow me away,” says Madi.

“My brand’s aesthetic is a combination of elegant garments and streetwear. It can be worn many different ways and to many different styles of events or for day to day activities. 

Tulle Addict is also amazingly inclusive: “My brand can work for any age, size, race or gender. We have no categories or boxes.”


“All of my pieces are made with zero waste in mind. All my tulle is cut into rectangles which means I have not a scrap left over. I also source all materials from here in Australia and of course make them here in Melbourne.”

Although Madi [pictured above left] is unclear of her long term goals for Tulle Addict, she is always open to new experiences and opportunities.

“I like to take it day by day and always try to say yes to new opportunities,” she explains, “so who knows where this may end up going.” 

You can shop Tulle Addict online at ​​, and contact Madi for custom designs via DM on @tulleaddict

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