Meet up-and-coming Melbourne model Brigette Cozaris

Something I love about working in the fashion industry is being able to discover young talent; just like model Brigette Cozaris.

One of the coolest things about working on Revival Runway is meeting lovely, interesting individuals who are passionate about fashion. Every runway show we do is entirely organised by volunteers, everything from photography to hair and makeup, and of course, the models. 

Brigette Cozaris shot by Sruthi Sundharesan for Revival Runway

After contacting RR via our Instagram account, Brigette was chosen for our recent We Are Melbourne runway show. At only just-turned 15, we were blown away by her poise and innate elegance. She is a dream to work with and the camera loves her. 

Brigette says that it was a “passion for fashion” that led to her first forays into modelling: “I began modelling through my passion for fashion and being in front of the camera, and after some convincing my parents said yes! The part I like most about modelling is being able to meet new people and experience so many new exciting opportunities.”

Despite still being relatively new to the industry, Brigette has already scored a major campaign. 

“One of my favourite shoots I’ve been involved in was an editorial shoot for Burberry in 2021. It was such an amazing experience especially since they are one of my favourite brands and their clothes are so elegant yet simple. As well as being on set with some other young models made it all the more fun,” she explains.

Being able to express herself is what Brigette really enjoys about modelling: “What I love most about being in fashion is the ability to express myself in what I’m wearing.” 

“Being able to get out there on a runway or in front of a camera and bring the fashion alive through my personality and then seeing the end product is my favourite thing about modelling. 

“To see all that excitement from a project come to life is what I love most about being a model. However, something else I love is that I can have other interests as well.  I would love to go to university once I graduate to pursue something in science, but I also love art and design.”

Brigette on the runway for the We Are Melbourne fashion show, shot by Jes Marasigan

The choice … science or art? Brigette believes that she might be able to combine the two.  

“Personally I think science can be used to solve some issues in the fashion industry, such as fast fashion to better our environment,” Brigette says. “Science could also be used to develop different fabrics, without chemicals and toxins with more durability, making our clothes much longer lasting. 

“Though science could immensely help the fashion industry there are so many things that we can do to help, without science. Including buying pre-loved items which I personally love to do.  

“Shopping with brands who make clothes locally, making our own clothes and buying basic staple pieces rather than sticking to trends. These practices would [help people] avoid buying something and then getting rid of items as they are no longer in style,” she says.

Sustainability in fashion is something that Brigette is concerned about: “Although this industry is a great creative stream, new trends are often followed by fast fashion which is an issue detrimental to our environment today.”

Still, she remains enamoured with fashion: “The fashion industry itself is always changing constantly with new trends, but I think the best thing about it is being able to create your own style!”

You can follow Brigette on Instagram at @brigettecozaris

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