Sustainable small-batch brand LH Clothing is the brainchild of Melbourne-based designer and sewist Lauren Hitchcock. Lauren describes her brand as “a couple of sewing machines and a girl in a one bedroom apartment, funded by itself and two part time jobs,” but it’s a lot more than that.

Lauren has been sewing since she was eight-years-old, and has always been interested in the construction and design of clothes. “I aspire to create beautiful, classic, quality and individually made garments with an emphasis on sustainability,” she says. 

Being sustainable is an important part of the LH Clothing brand, as Lauren focuses on classic shapes, creating small-batch production runs, ensuring the quality by making each garment herself, and working on a zero-waste aim of minimal waste and using every scrap possible.

“Through pattern-making and sampling interrogation to get the exact fit … Through hand painting and bringing power back to the ‘craft’ … Through careful fabric selection and using majority natural fibres,” are all things that add to the LH Clothing brand’s ethos.

“It’s all in the name of clothing that we can enjoy and know who, where, what, why and how it’s made,” says Lauren. “I hope you can feel the love and passion that is put into each garment.”

Website: lhclothings.com Instagram: @lhclothingss

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