Geelong brand Geraldine Australia wants women of all ages to defy fashion norms

The coolest over 60 fashionistas, Geraldine ‘Gerry’ Carey and Claudine Callibot from Geraldine Australia are Geelong’s best kept fashion secret. Known for their unabashed use of colour and texture to create garments that offer a unique look and style for women of all shapes and sizes, these designers are bonafide fashion icons who dress only to please themselves.

The brand was launched in the middle of 2020 after Geraldine started making commissioned garments for her friends, but it really took off once the pair discovered each other on Instagram.

CC Geelong fashion GERALDINE designer interview

“Over a coffee we realised we had similar interests in styling and how each of us wanted to look for garments that made a statement,” explains Gerry. “It was decided we would give it a go. We decided to use what resources each had and just go for it.”

Gerry had the sewing experience and the brand name, while Claudine had a wealth of creative ideas. The two met with someone to work out what needed to be done to start a business, then all the decisions had to be made.

“When to launch, how many garments, source fabric samples, research platforms to host our website … The main issue was the timing of the launch.  We were a bit nervous how our creations would be received,” says Claudine.


Each woman brings something unique from their own backgrounds to Geraldine Australia. 

“From the age of 16, I made my own clothes; I was always wanting to be different and over time I started making outfits commissioned by friends,” Gerry explains. 

“I developed relationships with fabric dealers and completed myriad fashion related courses such as Costume Illustration and Fashion Design, screen printing on fabric, professional styling and images, a Certificate III in Visual Arts (Photography). All courses to assist in developing her knowledge in the world of fashion.” 

Claudine has always followed her own ideas and dreams when it comes to what she chooses to wear. She is a designer, creator and fashion influencer for several Australian and International fashion brands. 

“Now I’m following my dreams to design pieces for women looking for out of the ordinary and unconventional garments,” she explains. “I also strongly believe in supporting young designers and I am so happy to be able to promote their garments as well as Geraldine Australia.”

Both Claudine and Gerry are equally involved in the complete design and creation process for all the brand’s garments.


“Our fashion inspirations are Vivienne Westwood, Gabriele Chanel and Alexander McQueen,” Gerry explains. “Other designers that inspire us include young, emerging designers, European and Asian designers.”

Claudine and Gerry say the aim of the brand is to “encourage women of all ages to defy fashion norms, to dress creatively and push boundaries”.

CC Geelong fashion GERALDINE designer interview

“We want to produce one-off designs that make a statement that sets a woman apart and leaves a lasting impression on the admirer’s eye,” explains Claudine. “Colour, patterns, pattern-clashing, mood dressing, style for fun, being eclectic and a bit of Avant garde, are all parts of Geraldine Australia.

Geraldine Australia is a ‘slow fashion’ brand, say its designers: “We are a slow fashion brand, producing one-off designs and using our current stock of fabric whenever possible.”

“We buy small lots of fabric to reduce waste, and all our pieces are designed and created by us in our Geelong studio,” says Gerry.

Claudine and Gerry have plans to continue Geraldine Australia for as long as they can. They want to be “recognised as creators of statement pieces suitable for all ages, and to encourage women to have fun with what they wear”.

You can shop Geraldine Australia online at and follow the brand at @geraldineaustralia. You should also follow Gerry at @style.vixen; and Claudine at @edgy_fearlessnew.

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