Experience the soft, dreamlike movement of Melbourne fashion brand Moira Isabel

Moira Isabel is the alter ego of Melbourne designer Moira Rodriguez, a fashion label that only launched in 2024, but is already making waves in the industry.

“The label launched at the beginning of 2024, as I started to get into doing commissioned work and being asked for loans of my one-off garments,” Moira explains.

“I’ve always enjoyed being hands-on and have been constantly using my creativity as an outlet to express myself since I was younger. Initially, I thought this outlet would look like music or art (which I still do enjoy) however, growing up, I found that I was most passionate about the interpersonal relationship between the self and how we display this externally which I can most proficiently convey through making garments.”

Originally Moira wasn’t sure about starting her own fashion label, saying that she eventually came to it after completing a degree in Fashion [Hons] at RMIT.

“When I first started uni, I didn’t necessarily want to start my own brand. However,  throughout the years, I became really invested in wanting to have my own creative  independence to be able to translate the inner workings of my mind into reality, without any restrictions,” says Moira.

RRIV melbourne fashion designer MOIRA ISABEL

Jonty Knight shot by Jess Brohier for Moira Isabel

“I am still currently finding my own bearings as to the kind of label I am trying to create. However, I am moving towards creating garments that are low on quantity to be able to produce intricate and well-made pieces. 

“This is in addition to making custom designed garments – as I do really love working one on one with others to construct something that is fitted correctly for their body and their purpose.”  

Moira named her new brand after a shortened version of her own name “which connects my own identity to the narratives, concepts and emotions I communicate to others through my own form of ‘art’ or  ‘language’.”


Being a fashion designer in 2024 isn’t easy. There are millions of garments already in the world and even the talents behind the biggest names in the business are experiencing burnout in the face of social media driven trends and turnover. 

And Moira is no stranger to both of these issues: “The current issue I have been dealing with is constant burnout. Every creative has so many big ideas and goals, but the journey to get there can take so long, using up so much time, money and physical labour.” 

“Something that I’ve been trying to be better at is taking breaks and to trust the process – letting go of mistakes and not being in control all the time, has led me to learn a significant amount of lessons and create a lot of cool things I wouldn’t have if I was constantly attached to every idea,” Moira explains.

Her inspiration shows how strong the link is between the creator and their output: “A constant initial inspiration are my own personal emotions. Recently, it has been this paradoxical feeling of connect versus disconnect, regarding our digitally hyperconnected society.”

“Secondly, sound (through music) and movement significantly influences the  silhouettes I create. [And], some of my favourite designers or brands that I look up to are Caro Chia, Michaela Stark, Mirror Palais, Maison Margiela and Junya Watanabe as I find they all have an aspect of movement within their garments that influences me.”

This focus on movement can be seen clearly in Moira’s garments. The motif of the body is highlighted in a range of ways, from surprising flashes of skin to trailing ribbons and ties that flow with each move of the body. Some pieces look like elevated dance or ballet garments, others have a streetwear vibe – the dancer-off-duty if you will.  

“The main value of the label is human connectivity and physical touch. I like to dive into aspects of psychology to understand my own and others’ daily routines and how this intricately links us to the world around us – through movement and mundane gestures,” says Moira. 

“This is expressed through the need for solace and comfort within everyday life and visually looks at adjustable features, softly draped material and re-designing restrictive garments to allow the organic body to move freely.  

“The brand’s aesthetic is best described as soft, dreamlike and nostalgic – as I tend to  incorporate comfort within each garment, whether that be through its design details or its visual communication through photoshoots or styling.  

“I intend to gain thoughtful insights on my end from wearers testing and then studying their ‘everyday routines’, which informs the making process through silhouette and materiality – to fit comfort and mobility needs.”


As with all fashion brands now, Moira also has a focus on the sustainability and ethical production of her garments.

“Through the practice of empathetic and  purposeful production patterns, I want to create durable and long-lasting clothing that withstands wear and tear and creates sentiment between the wearer and the garment, discouraging easy disposal,” Moira says.

Her focus on creating one-off garments is also based on the need to limit over-production. She provides fittings and custom creation of her looks for a demi-couture style of production – looks can be created within a minimum of four weeks depending on the intricacy of the piece. 

Moira also produces garments for shoots and performances on a rental basis, again ensuring restricted production.


“My personal goal for this brand is to work on it full-time. In saying that, I someday want to consistently run my own shows – whether that looks like a runway show, exhibition or gallery presentation,” says Moira. “To be able to fully curate the vision or narrative and allow for people to walk through this dream-like world I see in my head.”

Moira also wants to reach out to other creatives: “I also want to collaborate and meet with different creatives to best use different mediums within fashion, including, jewellery, publications, digital design and films, around the world.”

To see more Moira Isabel, go to @_moiraisabel and contact the designer directly for a commissioned piece at [email protected] 

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