Everything you need to know about the latest TikTok beauty trends and whether they work or not

If you’re on TikTok for even a little while you would have come across the latest beauty trends. Skin Flooding, Notox, Skin Cycling, Glass Skin … what are they exactly and do they really work?

We reached out to Rohan Widdison, the CEO of Melbourne-based cosmetics manufacturer New Laboratories, to discover everything you need to know about the latest TikTok beauty trends and whether or not you should try them.

Melbourne beauty trends and tips

Model: Miranda Turbitt Photographer: Brin

First up we asked about the ‘clean skincare’ and ‘clean makeup’ trends that are all over the latest beauty brand advertising.

“The clean skincare and makeup movement has surged in popularity due to consumers becoming more conscious of, and more educated about, the ingredients they apply to their skin,” explains Rohan. “There’s been a broader cultural shift towards wellness, self-care, and holistic health. Clean skincare fits into this trend as it promotes the idea of using ‘natural’ or ‘non-toxic’ products as part of a healthier lifestyle.

“This is why we’ve moved from the heavy makeup looks of the previous decade such as contouring to a more minimalistic ‘natural’ look. An increase in reported skin sensitivities and allergies has made consumers more cautious. ‘Clean’ products often position themselves as being free from common irritants to appeal to this demographic.

“Many consumers also interpret ‘clean’ as being sustainable and environmentally friendly. Concerns about the planet have made eco-friendly packaging, cruelty-free testing, and sustainable sourcing more attractive to eco-conscious beauty lovers. 

Melbourne beauty trends and tips

Model: Miranda Turbitt Photographer: Brin

“The beauty industry is vast, and brands are always looking for ways to differentiate themselves. The ‘clean’ label is a truly powerful marketing tool, but consumers should be mindful that not all ‘clean’ products are created equal, and the term itself isn’t strictly regulated,” Rohan points out.

Alongside the ‘clean’ label, ‘natural’ is also something that many beauty brands are now using to make themselves stand out. However, Rohan says we should be careful in how the word is used.

“The term ‘natural’ in beauty and skincare can be misleading. Just because something is natural doesn’t mean it’s safe or effective. Poison ivy is natural, but you wouldn’t want it on your skin! 

Melbourne beauty trends and tips

Model: Miranda Turbitt Photographer: Brin

“Much like the ‘clean’ skincare and beauty label, ‘natural’ is a buzzword term used for marketing. This is why it’s always a good idea for consumers to seek objective information about how effective a product really is.”

The Beauty Trends

When it comes to the latest TikTok beauty trends, Rohan has this to say:

“Skin flooding: While hydration is good for the skin, excessive or incorrect product usage might not suit everyone and could lead to breakouts or irritation for some.

“Notox: While some products can temporarily smooth or tighten the skin, the results are unlikely to be as pronounced or long-lasting as Botox.

“Skin Cycling: This can be beneficial as the skin’s needs change over time, but overdoing it or not giving products enough time to work might not yield the desired results.

“Glass Skin: While some products can help achieve this look, it might not be sustainable or achievable for everyone as our skin differs dramatically from person to person. Glass skin can create a fairly unrealistic standard to live up to.

Top Skincare Tips

Instead of trying all these random social media trends, Rohan suggests you stick to these tried-and-tested products:

Generally speaking everyone should use:

  • A gentle cleanser tailored to their skin type
  • A moisturiser with ingredients like hyaluronic acid for hydration
  • Sunscreen with broad-spectrum protection (SPF 30 or higher)
  • Exfoliants like AHAs or BHAs (use as recommended, usually not daily)
  • Serums or treatments for specific concerns (e.g. vitamin C for brightening)

And on top of these product, you are most likely to get great results from follow these suggestions:

  1. Protect your skin from the sun. Regular use of sunscreen prevents premature ageing and reduces the risk of skin cancer.
  2. Stay hydrated and maintain a balanced diet; your skin is a reflection of your overall health.
  3. Be consistent with your skincare routine and give products time to work, but also listen to your skin and adjust if something isn’t working.

For more information about New Laboratories go to https://newlabs.com.au

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