Designer Monique Montfroy wants to promote intentional fashion consumption


Born out of her love of art and the humanities, designer Monique Montfroy has launched two brands, Highwasted Society and Texcoco Collective. With a background in photo-journalism, Monique has  always been aware of, and interested in, worldly subjects such as social justice and sustainability. Both brands, despite offering different ranges, have one thing in common – providing a solution for a problem.  

Texcoco Collective is an eco-conscious, luxury accessories label that aims to promote ethical  consumption. Montfroy believes that the current state of the garment industry is highly unethical  and wasteful, and that change must occur. 

“I am not just selling handbags. I am marketing the idea that we can do better and be better as humans,” explains Monique.

This concept of reducing harmful business practices is manifested through Texcoco Collective’s use of cactus leather. Thanks to the environmental benefits of Cacti cultivation, Monique has found a way to utilise this amazing organic and durable material for fashion consumption.  

“Our bags are designed to last, for timeless style and capsule wardrobes. Our bags are made with  the planet and its people in mind.” 

Monique values the idea of slow consumption, viewing garments as keepsakes rather than  disposable objects. These are the ethics that are also found in her label, Highwasted Society. A made-to measure label created in Melbourne, Monique founded Highwasted Society as a passion project and  avenue for her creativity. The label’s name references a play on words, as she highlights the  brand’s aesthetic and values with a clever pun. 

“It’s funny because obviously I make high waisted  pants, but it’s commenting on how we live in a high, wasted society,” Monique says.

The aim was simple – create clothing that was fun, one of a kind, and custom made. With no  formal fashion training, Monique wanted to reconnect with her love of creating and make the  most of the sewing skills taught by her seamstress mum.  

“Highwasted Society lets me get my creativity flowing. I enter a different space when I’m sewing. It just  really puts my mind at ease and it teaches me patience. It started with flares purely out of making  myself pants that were long enough, because I’m quite tall. 

“All my girl friends loved them so I  started making more customs. High Wasted I made for myself, and to celebrate body positivity.  It’s made-to-measure clothing so you can have it for a long life span,” she explains.

Image: Dylan Mclardy

From experiencing trouble with fit herself, Monique understands the importance of finding the  perfect fit and how it affects the wearer’s overall mood. Operating through Instagram DMs, clients  come to High Wasted with their unique measurements for custom made pieces that fit like a glove. The tailoring process of Highwasted Society production requires Monique to get to know her  clientele. 

“I have some basic patterns, but it’s all very much made-to-measure. I’ve made some really great  friends from clients of mine. It’s such a different way of buying since it is quite personal. I’m right  there measuring the person, in very close proximity. So, you build a good rapport and relationship  with people. I think that kind of built the brand.”

Image: Dylan Mclardy

 Texcoco Collective and Highwasted Society both accommodate gaps within the fashion industry that  range from sustainability to body positivity. Monique’s values and ethics are never compromised  when it comes to her ventures in fashion. It’s clear both labels are representative of the strong and  growing slow fashion scene in Melbourne, building towards more intentional fashion  consumption.

To order a made-to-measure piece from Monique, go to @highwasted.society. To shop Texcoco Collective, go to

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