Melbourne creative Anna Cordell is as well known for her music as she is for her eponymous fashion brand. A keen vintage shopper, Anna started her fashion career with curated and upcycled vintage pieces at markets, and eventually in her own stores. 

As a mother of five daughters she eventually began to create her own unique designs for herself, her family and her friends. 

“In that time I was home with my daughters, I re-discovered music and began to write again. Being involved in the local scene really got me re-energised with clothing – musicians are such a wonderful source of inspiration,” explains Anna.

Rather than be a part of the frantic fashion seasons, Anna Cordell, the brand operates more like a bespoke atelier, with pieces created for custom orders, or based on available deadstock fabrics – a function of her desire for creating more sustainable fashion. 

Anna Cordell clothing is produced entirely in Melbourne often featuring locally produced fabrics, and in limited numbers in order to avoid waste, as part of the ethically made, slow fashion movement.

Anna’s connection to the creative worlds of music and art has seen her brand grow almost entirely via word-of-mouth, with her uniquely sexy-masculine style velvet suits becoming cult items among Melbourne’s most stylish.


Instagram: @annacordellclothing

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