Nevada Duffy’s vision of modern minimalism is infused with toughness and fluidity to create sleek, structured silhouettes including her signature ‘shoulder’, by using traditional hand cutting and sewing techniques.



She combines her ongoing interest in utility wear with an obsession for construction, and her garments are created by uniquely human tailoring techniques that could not be reproduced by machinery, with her practice being the antithesis of  “fast fashion”. Experimenting with pattern drafting, draping and different materials and textures gives her infinite possibilities to make new shapes, by simply stretching something in a certain way, placing on the bias or by gathering and creating volume you can have unexpected results – the experimental process is enjoyable – not knowing how something is going to look until you have cut and constructed it.


All of this is done while still making sure that her designs feel effortless and ultimately stand the test of time, by design, wearability and quality. With many artists and designers being among her clientele, Nevada loves the transformative power of clothing and believes that fashion shouldn’t be restricted to those with unconventional body shapes or limited by a woman’s age.  

“At the end of the day fashion should be fun and expressive.”


Website: | Instagram: @nevada.duffy

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